Workout Smarter! The Basic Tips on Muscle Building Every Body Should Know

The following tips on muscle building is provided to help get you started and prepare you for more advance muscle building training as your workout progresses. Keep in mind, the right combination of hard work and weight training makes for a flattering exterior core and a body to die for.

1. Always maintain an excellent posture. Whether sitting, standing or lying especially when performing workouts, it is a must to keep a straight back at all times, minus the swaying. And, that goes well too for those who are often lifting weights while lying on a bench. Just a pro tip: Exercises lying on your back on a bench requires the lifting of the head and the feet. Those who are doing standing muscle building exercises should keep a straight leg at all times with both knees relaxed. It is a rule of thumb not to hyperextend the knees as this will make room for injuries. If you’re lifting weights, a spotter (someone who assists you in your weight lifting training) will be of great help.

2. The rules of rests between repetitions and sets. Questions as to what should be the minimum and maximum time for rests in between sets. To set the record straight, rests shows discrepancy depending on the weight you lift and the kind of muscle building program you’re into. If you’re on a heavy load program, working out almost on a daily basis, rests should be roughly 30 to 60 seconds in between sets of routines. However, there are times when it is permitted to take rests for about 3 minutes minimum and 5 minutes maximum in between sets-given that you’re on an intense and extreme workout.

3. Breathing theories. There have been a lot of theories concerning the right breathing phase when lifting weights. In this case, it is essential to know the most common technique in breathing properly and effectively. Remember to exhale during resistance phase or when you exert an effort to lift weights and inhale as you lower the weights and recover. Breathing is of great weight in muscle building and doing it in the right manner determines the outcome of your entire training. So, as a generally reliable method, expel all breath at the top of each lift and inhale as you lower the weights and go back to starting position.

4. Check the equipment before and after each lift. Tips on muscle building do not solely focus on lifting weights to get your best shape. It likewise entails safety and security as you lift. You don’t want to injure yourself while on the process of doing your routine. Therefore, make certain that all pins in racks and machine weights are secured and fastened, collars and plates are on check and pulleys and cables are on track. If you think securing and checking all these safety measures are time-consuming, just think of how time-consuming it is when you injure yourself, and hurt besides.

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