Women With Abs Resistance Train

Time was when fitness aficionados sweating away in gyms and fitness centers were comprised of men. In the early days of fitness, there were no such things as aerobics classes and certainly no female bodybuilders. Those dark, barbaric days of exercising have are long gone and it’s now a common site to see women slugging it out in the octagon or pumping iron and getting ripped.

Presently, there are as much women as there are men in gyms and fitness clubs across the globe. Not only that- what is deemed sexy for men (lean, toned body and washboard abs) also goes for women now.

Popular cultural icons like Madonna, Janet Jackson and Fergie all spend a greater part of their day in the gym working on maintaining their six-pack and legions of adoring fans have been following suit. Fitness is the “in thing” right now and the popularity of athletes like Anna Kournikova, Maria Sharapova, and Tatyana Ali is evidence of this.

Modern culture’s emphasis on being fit has women working-out as hard as men in fighting belly fat and getting and maintaining six-pack abs. An overwhelming number of both men and women are snapping-up ab machines, diet books and gimmicks in the quest for getting that much sought-after six pack.

Creams and ointments that are advertised to spot-reduce belly fat, diet shakes and abdominal exercise gadgets that promise to give you a six-pack in a few weeks for just “minutes a day”- these are all gobbled-up by desperate gym buffs trying to find the quickest path to six-pack glory.

These women that really have no professional insight into burning body fat realize soon after receiving their mail orders that all they paid for was more frustration and no six-pack abs. Any fitness expert worth his salt will tell you there is really no way to spot-reduce belly fat. Lose all-around body fat first and belly fat will follow.

Experts have determined that the shortest path for women (and men, for that matter) in getting those six-packs out is through a combo of aerobic total body exercise and resistance training. Cardio exercises that keep the heart rate steady just below the anaerobic threshold (when it’s hard to talk without sounding like Darth Vader) eliminate body fat the fastest and weight-training elevates the body’s metabolism by increasing muscle tissue.

Total body cardiovascular exercises that keep the heart rate around 60-70% of the maximum burns the most calories from the body’s fat stores. A lot of women lose weight from improper exercise and dieting not knowing they’re losing muscle tissue as well.

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