Truth About Six Pack Abs: Will I Lose Weight or Get Six Pack Abs?

Welcome to another Truth About Six Pack Abs FAQ session with myself, David Thorpe.

And today the topic I’d like to cover is this: Is the Truth About Abs just an abs program or is it a fat loss program. Where do we stand on this?

Now I get this question all the time…

Has the Truth About Abs been deigned for people that want to lose weight, people that want to burn fat, or for people that just want to build ripped six-pack abs?

The answer to this question WILL surprise you. But before I jump to that I need to give you a bit of a scientific background. Don’t go to sleep will you!

Most people tend to focus on the size of your muscles, but the only way to get six pack abs is to reduce your body fat percentage far enough that your abs become visible.

Yes that’s right, you can spend as much time as you like doing sit-ups, crunches and other abdominal exercises. But if your body fat % is too high, they will never be visible.

This is because they will be covered by a layer of ugly tummy fat.

Wouldn’t that be a waste, working hard and building a perfect set of abs, but never getting to enjoy them because your body fat percentage is too high.

Men, you’ll need to get down to between about 10 and 11% body fat. Or if you really want your abs to be popping out then you need to be looking at roughly 7-8% body fat.

For ladies, who naturally carry a little bit more body fat than men, you’ll be able to see your abs at roughly 16-19% body fat.

So back to the question: “Has the Truth About Abs been deigned for people that want to lose weight, people that want to burn fat, or for people that just want to build ripped six-pack abs?”

Here is the answer:

It’s actually been designed to satisfy ALL THREE goals!

Now let’s explore the reasons why…

The Truth About Abs is an educational tool…

It gives you the exact techniques you need to kick start a natural, fat burning hormonal response in your body.

Learn how to combine the most effective exercise and nutritional techniques.

Truth About Abs is 100% natural: no pills, no potions or crazy diets. And it’s time efficient: no boring cardio and you don’t need to spend hours in the gym.

But are these benefits actually going to make a difference in your quest for sexy, flat abs?

For those readers that really want to lose weight, then the key is to burn fat. And with the natural fat burning response you’ll be doing just that, even while you’re not even at the gym!

And if you’re burning fat then you’re losing weight!

If you are the type of person that just wants to lose those last few pounds, then this program has the potential to take your fat loss to the next level.

Or if you are anything like I was when I started with The Truth About Six Pack Abs, you can almost see your abs, but not quite.

Mike Geary’s Truth About Six Pack Abs has what it takes to make the difference and get you the six-pack you’ve been working for.

That’s it folks. Just remember that it is one thing reading about the benefits the Truth About Abs can give you, it’s something completely different to experience them for yourself.

Can’t decide about Truth About Abs? I’ll answer your question on the Truth About Six Pack Abs FAQ.

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