Tips On Getting Ripped Abs

When you take off your shirt, the thing most people notice is a set of ripped abs. This situation can come up anytime, whether it is at the beach, around the pool ore even if you are out mowing the lawn. In these situations, others are going to notice your physique.

The less sensitive people around you may chuckle at you or make insensitive remarks in the hope of a cheap laugh if you are flabby or overweight.

If you are thin then often you will escape most peoples notice. If you have a six pack though, a set of washboard abs you could bounce a quarter off, the situation is much different. You will attract the kind of attention that everyone craves. They are considered a sign of vitality and health. Getting a six pack is hard work and you will need a plan to follow. This plan outlines the methods for achieving your goal.

The most important factor

If your body fat percentage is too high then nobody will notice your abs no matter how many hours you spend down the gym or number of abs exercises you do.

Your may think, that is ok for me, as I’ve never been called fat in my life but this is wrong. Their is a world of difference between “not being fat” and having a body fat percentage low enough to make a six pack visible.

The goal is for between an eight to ten percent body fat level. Anything above this and you are not going to see your abs. There are a number of online tools for measuring your body fat percentage but they are inaccurate. The best way is to invest in a pair of digital calipers to get the most accurate reading. These can easily be bought online and are not particularly expensive.

Starting to measure your body fat levels will give you a better appreciation of where you are and you can start setting goals for reducing your fat.

Ryan writes many articles about how to get ripped fast and often does a Truth About Abs review, one of the popular fitness programs.

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