The Secret to Sexy Ripped Abs Revealed

Every time you turn on the TV, have you ever counted how many ads or even shows have these great looking, slim, sexy people on there who look like they were just blessed with their toned bodies? Makes you wish, right? Well, you can stop wishing because that body is very attainable and getting those sexy abs is very possible. How did I know it was the abs you were eyeing?

Because everyone wants to have flat sexy abs! So the next thing is how to go about getting them. Well, just like with anything else worth working hard for, you need to have the right information but that is not the solution, just a first step. Keep in mind that it will require some hard work from you to achieve this sexy look.

The first thing you need to do is forget everything that people have told you about how to get sexy flat abs. Toned abs are not a result of hundreds of crunches or thousands of sit-ups or anything like that. Also, toned abs are not a result of using over-priced, useless ab machines.

There are a few gimmicky toys that come to mind but those are completely useless. If you fail to have the right foundation, no amount of hoping, wishing, or purchasing of silly gimmicks will get you those toned abs you desire. What will is learning about how to build on that foundation and then following through on that new knowledge. You must work to get these highly sought after toned abs. So here are some key points to think about:

– Eat healthy and stick to it. Your diet should include fruits, vegetables and high quality meats with no processed foods. Drink plenty of water, about 8-10 glasses a day to keep yourself hydrated. And no matter what, avoid processed foods, including fast food, otherwise you are stopping yourself in your tracks and wasting your own time.

– Excess body fat will stop you in your tracks. Lose the belly fat and reduce overall body fat and you will be well on your way to toned abs. But you must lose the excess fat to get there.

– Sleep and you will help yourself get to those toned abs. You should always get roughly 8 hours of sleep a night but even more so since you are working out. If you can, take small naps. This will help your body re-energize.

– Lose the ab exercises! Go with cardio instead. Running on the treadmill or on a track or even outdoors will greatly reduce your body fat, which is one of the keys to getting toned abs. Ab exercises were never meant to burn fat because they are not structured to do so. It is only through cardio workouts that you will be able to burn fat.

If you can stick to these key points, then you will be well on your way to having your own sexy toned abs. It is important to stick to it though, no matter how tough it may get or how much you might crave a certain processed food. Stay strong and stick to it and you will soon see those highly desired flat toned abs!

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