The How to Gain Muscle Diet

One of the biggest challenges in bodybuilding is figuring out the best gain muscle diet. Too much and you can pack on the fat right along with the muscle. Not enough of the right things and you inhibit your efforts to build muscle. It is the age old question of how much of what to eat in order to maximize your efforts to gain lean muscle and reduce body fat. What you eat in your gain muscle diet is just as important as how you work out, so be sure to include meal planning right along with your exercise plan.

Schools of Thought

There are several schools of thought in the muscle gaining diet controversy that seems to be contradictory; however, each has its own merit. What it comes to in the end is there really is not a single “one size fits all” diet formula to follow in order to build muscle. Each individual is different, with a unique physiological structure, metabolism and genetic background, so it is best to try the diets you read about in muscle magazines and such, as guidelines and to go with what works best for you and your body type.

One school of thought in the gain muscle diet arena is to eat massive amounts of protein while you build and deal with the body fat increase later, after you have muscle to work with. This is not a subtle, carefully calculated diet, but it can be very effective for people who can’t or don’t know how to measure grams of fat and protein, or monitor total caloric intake. This approach is most often used by those who come into bodybuilding from the already “lean” end of the spectrum and simply want to get bigger. The disadvantage to this approach to the gain muscle diet is that you will have to deal with the body fat increase later on, although it can be very effective in building muscle mass very quickly.

The next school of thought in the gain muscle diet approach is the carefully calculated, regulated, measured and individual diet plan.

Following specific formulas, taking into consideration existing body fat as well as height and weight, each meal is carefully planned, weighed and measured to achieve a planned balance for intake of protein, fat and carbohydrates. This approach is designed to maximize muscle, but limit the amount of body increased body fat, and it also works very well. However, it is very complicated, hard to set up properly, and really needs to be monitored by a professional. It does not work well for beginners because of the complexity, but does work great for the professional body builder.

Another school of thought takes a fairly practical, if somewhat less scientific, approach to the gain muscle diet in that you stick to a normal, balanced and healthy diet, but to consume a larger quantity in order to fuel your workouts and build muscle. There are no complicated calculations or having to measure and weigh your food, so this makes it simple to follow and easy to stick with – just eat a little more at each meal.


There are many ways to approach the gain muscle diet, and each has its advantages and drawbacks, but the bottom line on all of this is that it is essential that you consider what you eat while you are trying to build muscle. The best advice in the business for a muscle building diet is to use what works for you.

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