The 6 Real Reasons Why Hardgainers And Skinny Guys Fail To Build Muscle Mass

Hardgainers and skinny guys live in a slightly different world to the “average” bodybuilding types. Yes having a fast metabolism does have its advantages however, in the muscle building world it makes things a little trickier for skinny muscle gain (muscle on skinny guys)! Rep after rep after rep of heavy poundage in the gym feels great but a lot of the time doesn’t give physical results for hardgainers, many give up far too early with their body-building goals so never see what they can achieve with some commitment and solid advice.

It’s not just one thing that prevents the skinny guys and hardgainers from building muscle but usually a combination of a few things, like inefficient workout routines and consistency, poor nutrition and fatigue for example can all hinder the strongest minds. The following points are the important factors to pay attention to which can have a massive impact on muscle building goals and skinny muscle gain. A lack of application or knowledge in any of these areas can reduce and hinder potential gains.

1. Using Too Much Energy Than Consumed – Everybody has a different job with various levels of intensity and energy usage. The more you do, the more calories are burned, pretty simple equation. So if you don’t replace the energy used on a daily level, you’ll lose weight, or stay a skinny guy not seeing skinny muscle gain. More calories consumed than used = weight gain.

2. Following an Incorrect Training Routine – Hardgainers often train with routines more suited towards easygainers. Less of the isolation exercises and more compound workouts are needed for skinny muscle gain, for example bench press and squats.

3. Inefficient Nutrition = No Solid Muscle Gain – It’s all about calories and eating more of them than you consume. It doesn’t just end there though, hardgainers need lots of carb dense and protein rich foods to see healthy weight gain and build muscle.

4. Protein – To give yourself the best chance of seeing muscle growth, at least 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight should be consumed daily! It’s a lot but with the right foods and some supplementation, you’ll be there in no time.

5. No Tracking – Hardgainers miss a trick with not keeping track of nutrition and workout stats. Calories, food intake and energy output should be monitored to make sure the body is getting enough replenishment. Watch the calories and protein, then watch the skinny guy transform into muscle guy. Record your weight every week or fortnight to track your development.

6. Commitment and Consistency – Easy enough, stick to it for a while, make some goals and stay committed to them. Don’t get de-motivated, good self-belief can boost your energy levels and lead to positive workouts and skinny muscle gain.

The true limit to what you can achieve lies within yourself, stay committed, determined and focused to pursue your bodybuilding goals each day. Through your inner strength, you will build physical strength, there’s no time like the present to start!

Rob Carlson is a personal fitness coach and a writer at Muscle Building For Skinny Guys , he has written various articles based specifically on helping hardgainers and ectomorphs to build healthy muscle, and offers advice and guidelines on how to gain body weight the healthy way.

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