Still Having Problems Packing On Muscle? Discover Two Things You Need To Make Fast Muscle Gains

One problem that a lot of guys have when it comes to the gym is actually seeing visible gains. We work hard, we lift heavy, but we’re not seeing the definition and growth that we were expecting.

What gives??

So what happens? We lift heavier, we work out more and we still don’t see any gains!

What in the heck is going on here??

Well the simple truth is that muscle takes a whole heck of a lot of calories to grow bigger and most of us burn all of our calories during our workouts. We simply don’t have any fuel left in the tank to allow our muscles to grow larger.

So in other words, we need to start eating more. A lot more. Even a relatively skinny guy at 140lbs needs to be eating close to 4000 calories every single day if he hopes to put on muscle mass.

The other side of the coin is that we have this mentality that we need to work harder and harder to see our gains. So we spend more and more time in the gym, working ourselves almost to death. On top of burning tons of calories, this is a pretty big waste of time.

We can’t blast our muscles into growing larger and stronger! Muscles don’t get any bigger or stronger the more we lift! They only get bigger when we’re at home resting and they get a chance to recover. Muscles will grow if they are forced to, that’s a given. It’s your job to lift enough to cause that spark of growth, but even more importantly, it’s your job to give them time to relax and recuperate.

So the secret of getting bigger? Spend less time in the gym and eat more food throughout the day. Your body will have no choice but to build more mass.

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