Step By Step Guide On How To Get Six Pack Abs

Getting six pack abs is not exactly rocket science. All it takes is a combination of good diet, exercise and strength training. Anyone with an average dose of determination and sound knowledge of what to do can get it. Below are the three basic steps to get six pack abs.

1. Good Diet

What you eat is probably the most important factor in how to get six pack abs fast or not. You cannot continue to pile layers upon layers of fat on your abdominal muscles and expect them to show. You have to stop eating fatty foods and start eating food that helps you to stay lean.

The six pack shortcuts is to avoid Junk food, pastries, soda, white bread, pasta, margarine as much as possible or completely struck off your diet. Instead, go for foods like whole meal cereal, fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken and diary that will help to speed up your metabolism and keep your body lean.

2. Cardio Exercise.

Cardio exercise will help you to burn and loss belly fat that is covering your abs. Brisk walking, running, biking and swimming are the most common cardio exercises that has proven to be the best way to get abs. Whichever exercise you choose, do it for about 30 minutes at least 3 times a week. The higher the intensity of the cardio exercise, the better the fat burning results that you will get.

3. Strength Training

This is the last important and fastest way to get abs. Strength training does not mean you will become a bodybuilder, but you cannot escape some bodybuilding if you want to have great looking abdominal muscles. Crunches, leg raises, and their several variations are the basic abs exercises. Try a couple of them and find the ones you are comfortable doing.

Six pack abs workout strength training will help you build some good size and strength for your abs. You also have to give a continuous all-round workout to other muscle groups in your body. At least twice a week, use some lightweights to do squats, shoulder presses, bench presses arm curls and rows. Combining these exercises with abs exercises, good diet and cardio will bring out your six pack abs in no time.

Briefly, to get six pack abs means you must eat good abs diet and consistently embark on light six pack abs workout, which will help you burn fat and lose belly fat, and you will be healthy and good looking as you desire to be.

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