Six Pack Abs Secrets Revealed

Millions of people around the world are looking for a way to get six pack abs.

A tight, firm stomach is the hallmark of a healthy fit body that will get you admiring glances – yet look around and you’ll see few people seem to be able to achieve it, no matter how hard they try.

OK, there are lots of enticing ads boasting about all the “miracle” ways to get six pack abs, including appetite-suppressing pills, drugs to speed up your metabolism and weird ab exercise contraptions. The majority of those who buy this stuff eventually give up because they can’t get the results they expect. The dream of looking like the models on the ads fail to materialize.

But you must realize this: those fitness models they feature in those photos and commercials probably didn’t get their great six pack abs by using whatever it is they are trying to sell. They worked very hard on diet and exercise to get their bodies in shape – and they live a healthy lifestyle to stay that way.

No matter how many ab specific exercises you do on those machines, or through thousands of sit-ups and crunches, you will never get those hard firm abs you’ve been looking for without making some changes to the way you eat and exercise. You can have a six pack, but nobody will see it if it’s under a layer of fat.

So don’t obsess solely about your abdominal muscles – focus on the health and fitness of your entire body. Live a healthy lifestyle that includes a good, balanced diet and regular exercise that works your entire body. If you do that, you’re on the way to getting the kind of abs you see on those commercials.

So, forget the exercise contraptions and the so-called miracle pills that will cost you a small fortune without delivering the results you want. There are three easy secrets that will really get you a six pack of abs:

1. Eat A Healthy Diet – Eat the best! Like putting low grade fuel in a high performances car, don’t expect great results if you eat a garbage diet. The best isn’t expensive either – lots of fruit and vegetables and lean protein will help as you increase your metabolism and burn excess fat.

2. Do Some Weight Training – Even light weight training will strengthen your abdominals, arms and shoulders, lower back and legs. Increasing your lean muscle mass, which requires large amounts of calories to maintain, will keep body fat to a minimum.

3. Aerobic Training – Aerobic or cardio exercise is a good way to burn excess calories and strengthen the entire cardiovascular system. You don’t have to run marathons, just get out and take a walk, go for a bike ride, or any other form of activity that you enjoy doing. Do it often!

Getting six pack abs WILL take time. Much will depend on what kind of (bad) shape you are currently in and how dedicated you are to get a six pack of abs. Just remember that the best ab workout is a combination of diet AND exercise – as in the three secrets above.

Anyone can have six pack abs – including YOU – with the right plan and some determination.

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