Sexy Ripped Abs Don’t Come from Using Ab Machines

It’s very simple. Ab machines won’t help you decrease your waistline. There really is no way around it. Ab machines aren’t what will give you the sexy abs that you’re looking for. Your waistline won’t change if you rely on those machines. If you really want to get sexy abs, get those machines out of your head and listen up because here’s how you can get it done!

Take any ab machine you’ve ever bought and throw it out. I’m sorry but it was a bad purchase. On the other hand, you might be able to keep it as a throw-your-clothes-on-it thing. Or not. In any case, just get the idea of machines out of your head. If you want sexy abs, you need cardio workouts to burn the fat and weight training to develop your muscles and I’m taking all-body weight training because you don’t want to look odd and out of proportion.

Here’s why ab machines don’t work for getting those sexy abs. Your abdominal area is made up of numerous ab muscle groups, not just the typical core. Most, if not all, ab machines focus just on the core, which is fine if you want toned abs with a wider waistline. What you will need to get the all-over sexy abs is to work the other groups that these machines don’t touch. Your obliques, your upper abs and lower abs are completely ignored by those machines.

Cardio training will, like I said, burn fat and that is absolutely crucial to getting sexy abs. Once you’ve got the fat decreased, your abs will show through. The strength training, with the various exercises available, will work your muscles like nothing else. The higher the weights, the more intense your workout, which is what you want. All-body exercises are best because regardless of the exercise, your abs are always involved so even if you’re not focusing on them, you’re still working them. Not only that but they will be worked in a much more natural manner, supporting your body and the various tasks it does.

Now, the other thing you’ll have to work on is your diet. It’s so important that I can’t stress it enough. All the fat burning exercises in the world won’t mean anything if you choose to eat fatty, greasy, fried foods. And junk food, fast food, soda, and sports drinks are included. So make the decision to achieve your goal of having sexy abs and just avoid those foods all together. What you should be eating is fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetables, and high quality meats. Just avoid junk food, period.

Sticking to a healthy diet and a great workout routine will pay off sooner than you think. Your waistline will start to shrink and soon enough, your abs will start to shine. By taking the route of healthy eating and all body workouts, your entire body will also shine. So now that you’ve got the right methods under your belt, go and get those sexy abs you’ve been wanting!

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