Secrets To Getting Ripped Abdominal Muscles

A much debated issue is whether it is possible to lose fat and build muscle at the same time. One point of view is that it is not possible because the extra energy and calories needed to build muscle stop you losing belly fat. Another viewpoint is that it is indeed possible but not very effective.

There is a way however, and this is the secret to knowing how get ripped abs though, whilst gaining muscle tissue at the same time. This can be achieved in such a way that the workouts you perform actually increases the bodies metabolic rate which burns the fat off rather than by calorie deprivation.

A routine is needed that exercises and consequently stimulates the muscles into growth and, at the same time, increases and stimulates the bodies metabolic load. It is not possible to work on individual muscle groups and build muscle in the traditional bodybuilder style. An example of this is the bench press exercise which uses a number of muscle groups in the upper body but does not involve the stabilizing muscles of the abdomen and legs.

An alternative exercise would be a single dumbbell press whilst lying on an exercise or fit ball. The weights used are light, but this way will use the big stabilization muscles in the body while doing one arm presses. This is a great way for working the chest muscles whilst at the same time using nearly all the muscles in the body. Granted, you will not build Arnie sized pecs but you will increase muscle growth and mass whilst at the same time burning fat tissue.

Performing push ups with your feet elevated on the exercise ball is another exercise that will work the upper body and at the same time increase metabolic load. The number of body stabilizers used will give a whole body workout which will quickly start to burn calories even without having to make changes in the diet.

With the increase in metabolic rate and stimulation of muscle growth it is vital to have a good nutritional plan in place. Eating at least 5-6 times a day will keep the metabolic rate surging along. Protein in the diet is important for muscle recovery and growth but the extra meals will also help you body to be flooded with fat burning enzymes.

To build muscle it is not necessary to take in vast quantities of protein. The timing of the protein intake is what is more important. The optimum plan is to take in a fast digesting whey protein prior to exercise and then immediately after. This way will ensure that you increase muscle mass and still get ripped abs.

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