Quick Tips To Gain Muscle Mass

Has your muscle building program helped you put on 15-25 pounds of muscle weight.

Is the weights you lifts of the right weight for the squats, dead lift, row and bench presses?

Have you seen any improvement in the size of your muscles?

Are your friends asking you how you changed the way you look? Do your clothes look better on you? Are attracting a lot of looks because of your muscles?

So how many of these questions can you give a positive answer. If you can’t say ‘yes’ it’s time you look are getting a broader perspective and stop concentrating on the finer points.

A popular muscle builder writer gets a number of mails from bodybuilders, from around the globe, who want to know how to develop muscle quickly. Some of the common queries are as follows.

“What’s the ideal exercises for the inner chest?”

How do I develop the lower biceps?

“When the front delts are bigger than the rear delts, what to do? ” How to go forward?

Now, if you are just a beginner and not yet built a muscle mass, don’t be eager to fast track your muscle building. Concentrate on basic muscle building first.

The way forward

Because that is your primary goal and don’t let anything else claim your attention.

#So what should you concentrate on?

Building, as much as possible, your muscle mass, raw muscle size and strength.

So don’t talk about your biceps being equal to your triceps, just look at the main picture. Think about gaining muscle mass.

The primary focus should be on building muscle and preparing the fundamentals.

Only after a year of steady training and having built a strong foundation of your muscle mass should you even about the sharper details. Your first priority should be a fast muscle gain.

Zero in on a workable weight training schedule and follow it very strictly.

You also need to eat five to six meals a day with the right kind of muscle building food. Follow this diet for a year!

Then come the recovery period, the supplements and lots of water.

There is no alternative to hard work!

There is no short cut to muscle building so your timetable better be for the long term. Once your basics are strong then you can go after the smaller details.

Experts says that if you think of building some muscle groups before developing the muscle mass. It’s like trying to play a musical instrument without knowing the chords.

There is no other way for your bodybuilding plan. After all can you play a difficult guitar solo without even knowing the basic chords? It is the same with bodybuilding. First build muscle mass then go on to work on greater detail on getting that sculpted look.

Don’t look for too many answers. Forget all that information on how to develop muscles fast. And above all don’t concentrate on all those small details.

So don’t stretch your legs before you sit down. Workout at the gym taking one step at a time. Slow and steady does it.

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This is an “outside-the-box guide” to quick muscle gains by revealing 3 tips that pro body builders use for explosive muscle growth.

Pro bodybuilders are some of the best people in the world to take advice from on the best ways for quick muscle gains. Pro bodybuilders wake up every morning with one goal in mind : quick muscle gains!

Troy Adashun has gotten the chance to brush shoulders and chat with many of the top pro bodybuilders in the world, and this video will reveal 3 tips that pro bodybuilders use for quick muscle gains.

How to Gain Muscle Mass Fast: 3 Tips that pro bodybuilders use for quick muscle gains

0:25 – Time Under Tension

Make sure to keep your time under tension at its maximum if you are looking to pack on rock solid muscle mass. This means keeping your ego at the door, as you have to be much more concerned about keeping the muscle under tension than lifting heavy weight. Pro bodybuilders live by this principle, as they seldom rest a muscle group during a lift and they always keep the time under tension at 30-60 seconds. If you want to gain muscle mass you need to maximize this time under tension principle.

1:47 – Muscle Confusion

We have all heard of the concept of “muscle confusion.” Muscle confusion simply means that you should never repeat the exact same workout. Even if a workout involves similar exercises you should strive to put more overload on the muscle group. This is where keeping a workout log pays big dividends. Some of the best ways to incorporate muscle confusion into your training are adding extra overload, negative repetitions, static holds, drop sets, supersets and veers negatives.

2:50 – Don’t major in the minor

This is a big one for skinny guys. Never go in the gym and make the focal point of your workout a smaller muscle group. If you want to build muscle fast you need to work in the compound exercises that work the largest and strongest muscle groups. THis is the key for explosive muscle growth.

Never go in the gym and ONLY train a small muscle group. Even if you want to have a day of bicep training you should start your workout with a compound exercise to get the anabolic hormones pumping in your blood steam and to initiate new muscle growth. Your biceps will thank you and you will gain muscle fast!

If you want to gain muscle fast – stick with these 3 principles that pro bodybuilders use!

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