Natural Muscle Gaining Diets

There are two components of muscle-building and these are exercising a couple of hours a day and the second one is eating the right type of food. The quality and quantity of the food you consume has a big role in building and shaping your muscles. Growing bigger muscles also begins with following natural muscle gaining diets.

When you grow muscles the natural way through a diet, you have to eat enough quantity of protein. Experts advise taking in protein every day that is not less than .8 grams for every pound of your body weight. There are others who suggest not less than one gram for every body weight pound. You can then increase this by .25 or .5 grams for every pound if you find yourself not progressing enough. Always consume protein at the most appropriate time such as breakfast, before bedtime and right after your workouts. Your body must have a lot of protein during the right time for muscles to be built quickly.

You should also consume carbohydrates while you are following a diet for building muscles because these give energy daily which is needed to enhance your workout. Consume carbohydrates from whole grains like brown rice, wheat bread and pasta. Experts say to consume 2.5 grams of unrefined carbohydrates for every pound of your body weight.

Fats are also included in muscle gaining diets. These are the essential and unsaturated fats such as fish oil, nuts and olive oil. These kinds of fat spread oxygen in the bloodstream and enhance energy level as well.

Every day, you need to raise the quantity of food you consume. You must eat every 3 hours so as to grow muscles. Never skip breakfast because this is the most important meal of the day. After you exercise, you have to eat something as well.

In weight loss, you need to consume lesser calories than the ones your burn. In gaining weight and muscles, you have to consume more calories than burned. A lot of people do not comprehend this because they think muscles will be gained just by spending hours in the gym. You must be aware though that forcing your body to eat so much will just make you gain unwanted fat because the quantity of muscle your body can gain in a scheduled time is limited by your hormonal condition.

It is suggested by experts to gain 2 to 3 pounds every month in muscle gaining. You should weigh yourself often so as to maintain progress. If possible, take pictures of yourself every week to see the changes in the composition of your body. Have a daily journal so as to record the number of calories consumed.

Muscle gaining needs consumption of a lot of water. For muscles to recover after a workout and to prevent dehydration, drink water immediately. Water also metabolizes fat, eliminates toxins and prevents water retention.

It is also necessary to sleep not less than 8 hours every night to grow muscles. It is during sleep when growth hormones are set free in the body and these help the muscles to grow. After a workout, it is best to have a nap.

With these muscle gaining diets and other tips, you will surely find yourself growing muscles in no time.

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