More Meals Fuel Muscle Building Diets

A good muscle building diet should be the foundation of a solid bodybuilding program. Bodybuilders need to have a daily diet that supplies all the nutrients the body demands during the rigors of training.

The three square meals a day do not apply the bodybuilders. At least six quality small meals are needed in a muscle building diet. By eating more meals daily, the body’s metabolism increases, allowing for a continuous flow of energy, while at the same time reducing the likelihood of food being stored as fat.

Complex carbohydrates and protein should be present in every meal. Quantity is not the benchmark here, as only about 30 grams of quality carbohydrates and protein are needed for each meal. Rice, bread, potatoes, oats are rich sources of carbohydrates. However, simple carbohydrates in cola drinks should be avoided. Instant energy may be derived from these beverages but this lasts only for a few minutes. Too much of this sugar type is anathema to the body’s insulin metabolism and contributes to fat build up as well as fatigue.

Protein may be sourced from chicken, red meat, fish like tuna, and from egg whites. Protein supplements are also a must for the body to quickly get the nutrients it needs. Whey supplements are tops, and so with creatine and glutamine. It is advisable to take supplements before or after training in the morning or in the evening prior to bedtime.

A small meal 30-60 minutes before a workout is a winner among muscle building diets. This meal provides the fuel for the exercise particularly if it contains ample servings of complex carbohydrates and protein. The complex carbohydrates will allow the body enough energy for the training, while the protein will be of assistance to the muscles as they break down during each of the weight exercises.

Nutrients must be supplied to the body, particularly to the muscles after each workout. Hence, this meal must consist of a good serving of protein (40-50 grams). Carbohydrates should also again be present in this meal to provide the insulin boost needed for the release of growth hormone. The quickest way to send these nutrients to the body is via a supplement shake followed by a meal within an hour after the workout.

The after workout meal/shake is the most significant nutrition boost that your body requires. Immediately after exercise your muscles are weary and desperately in need of nutrients. A good amount of protein is a must (40-50 grams) and carbohydrates will also play an important role because they are vital for an insulin level increase that will help propagate growth hormones. A protein shake is the ideal means of supplying these nutrients to ones body; just remember to follow up with a light meal within 60 minutes of training.

Water intake is also very important as hydration affects the quality of the body’s tissues. Hence, water is needed not only to improve overall training performance but also in preventing injury.

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