Lose Weight And Put On Muscle At The Same Time

Most of all of the bodybuilders out there are after the same thing massive and well defined muscles.

If you are wanting to get huge and ripped, you have probably planned to burn fat and gain muscle while trying to achieve muscle mass.

Because people are after the ultimate body, they try to jump into their programs to fast. Trying to push the results will never get them where they want to be, but most people jump in and expect to see huge strides overnight while putting in very little work. Most people are ready to supersize their muscles, but they do not want to put on any extra body fat at the same time.

It is important to know.

There are no quick results; you cannot add a lot of muscle to your body in a short amount of time without adding body fat.

It is necessary to understand that this is the way that it works and if you really want to add muscle to your frame, you have to accept this concept.

In order to increase muscle size, you have to take in a surplus of calories for best protein synthesis. That said, the body simply cannot use 100% of this calorie abundance to fuel muscle growth. This abundance will always end up as some body fat, which is why attempting to burn fat and gain muscle is not a good idea.

Plan to concentrate on first building muscle volume, and then losing body fat, instead of trying to burn fat and gain muscle at the same time.

Ultimately, your muscle mass levels play a important role in deciding your basal metabolic rate, so it becomes easier to lose body fat after you have built your muscles to a significant degree. This is why beginning with a bulking phase is almost always the best route. So, although you will noy be able to lose fat and put on muscle at the same time, it will be much easier to lose weight once you have gained new muscle.

If you think about what we have talked about, the best goal in a bulking phase is to go for as much muscle size as you can get and minimize your body fat gains. While bulking up, your focus should never be on trying to lose body weight but on gaining as little body fat as possible.

These are the 3 things you need in order to obtain your goal.

1) Use a very focused caloric surplus.

Perfect Nutrition does not exist; there is only such a thing as optimal nutrition. Keep in the back of your head that you require a over abundance of calories to feed muscle growth, it is not just about eating as much as you feel like; taking in more calories than you need to build muscle tissue will simply cause you to get fat.

The normal accepted calorie needed for supporting muscle growth is 15-20% more calories than is needed to maintain your weight. There is no reason to go above that range in calorie intake when you are trying to build up your muscles.

2) Pay attention to the actual food sources you are taking in.

When you are thinking about what to eat, focus on natural and high fiber carbohydrate selections, unsaturated fats that are good for you, and lean, high quality proteins.

Rather than aimlessly eating every food item in sight, make sure that you are sticking to lean protein foods, keeping blood sugar levels constant through proper carbohydrate choices, and avoiding large amounts of saturated fats.

As long as you stay with this diet, you do not have to be worried about calculating out how to burn fat and gain muscle at the same time because you are already limiting the amount of body fat that you will put on.

3) Throw in a medium amount of cardio.

Adding on 2-3 cardio workouts during your week can cut down on fat gains during your bulking phase. Longer duration cardio workouts have been known to cause muscle loss, so you should increase only 10 to 20 minutes of high intensity/low duration cardio to your routine.

After you have obtained your muscle mass goal then switch your workout to a program that focuses on removing body fat while maintaining muscle size.

However, just keep in mind that while bulking up, gaining some body fat is inevitable and the trick is simply to minimize it rather than trying to burn fat and gain muscle at the same time.

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