Loose Weight Build Muscle – Vitamins, Supplements and Nutrition

Often the topic of Weight Loose Supplements comes up when discussing how to loose weight and gain muscle. There are so many nutritional supplements on the market these days that it’s wise to exercise a bit of healthy skepticism.

Many of the pills around these days are simply packed with stimulants and caffeine. Try not to take these because they can damage your metabolism more than it’s worth in the long run. They do speed up your metabolism, but they’ll also give you the jitters and often make you a bit edgy. There are much better ways to speed up your metabolism and it’s not even all that hard.

Just remember that the most important thing is to eat a clean diet. This is something the fitness community is often talking about, and it’s a good way to start getting your body going in the right direction. It basically means that you should be eating nutrient dense fruit and vegetables.

Simply feed your body the elements it needs to repair itself from the workouts you’ve been doing. We all know that eating foods like fried chicken and take away fish and chips is not going to give you the quality vitamins and nutrients you need. So what foods should you eat to stay on a “clean diet”?

Let’s start with the essential: Water

Water is not a food, I know. But it does make up about 80% of your body’s mass. It’s important, real important. Water will help you loose weight and build muscle. Water cleans out the toxins, and gives your body the freedom to put back the nutrition that the toxin’s have taken out. Water will also help eliminate the fat from your body by cleaning out your digestive tract and liver. Drink water often. About 8 glasses a day. And remember, if you’re thirsty, you’re already de hydrated.

The next most important things to eat are fresh vegetables and fruits. They’ll get your body’s metabolism moving faster and provide your body with the vital phyto-nutrients. Fruits and vegetables contain life, and by eating them you will become more lively. It just makes sense. Your mother was right, so eat your vegetables!

Protein is the most important nutrient for your muscle to grow. Each time you train, you should be having a protein dense meal or shake to give your body all the protein it needs to get it repairing the muscles as fast as possible. The best places to get good quality protein are from whey (or soy) shakes, protein snack bars, and of course, when you’re having a main meal you should use meat like chicken or fish so you’ve got good natural protein sources. If I would suggest any one supplement to use, it’d be a quality whey protein powder so you can have a shake after each and every workout.

One last tip, you should be eating about 5-7 small meals each day. The main thing is that eating often, your body’s metabolism will speed up and you will feed more alive and energetic. Try substituting a protein bar for any craving, or even a handful of raw nuts. The high protein food will help you with your fullness levels and you’ll be able to get to your goals to loose weight and build muscle faster.

Author: Dave Vower can help you find the most effective ways to loose weight, build muscle and achieve your physique dreams. You can get access to more of the best weight loss and muscle building advice right now. Get To It!

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