Learn The Best Way To Gain Muscle Mass Quickly

It can’t really be that simple, can it?

With the endless articles, fancy techniques, the latest “breakthrough”in weight training methods and lineups of self-proclaimed “muscle building gurus” all claiming to hold the secret on how to gain muscle mass quickly, could it really be just ONE basic truth that’s the key?

Of course, there is a little bit more than that but the single basic fact is that if you add more weight to the bar consistently then you are certain to gain muscle mass quickly.

Compound exercises like squats, bench presses, dead lifts, rows, dips, chin-ups, and overhead presses work best and don’t be shy to increase the weights that you use as fast as you can. Follow this method and you will realize that you can gain muscle mass quickly.

How does adding a good 150 pounds to your deadlift sound? Or 125 pounds to your squat and 100 pounds to your bench press?

I guarantee that as long as your nutrition plan is properly in place, you’ll gain muscle mass quickly, returning a significantly bigger, thicker and more muscular physique.

There are “experts” out there who will not tell you that you can gain muscle mass quickly by lifting heavier weights. Maybe they don’t know it themselves, but there’s a bigger chance that they want to sell you some gimmicky “revolutionary discovery” to line their pockets with your money.

They’ll get you to swirl around the gym like a ballerina or carefully balance yourself on a Swiss ball or perform some worthless but “revolutionary” exercises.

What they should tell you is to just put your time into the core techniques that are a part of any good, structured bodybuilding program basically consistently increasing the reps and/or weights.

That’s how you make it happen.

Ultimately, the way to gain muscle mass quickly is really quite simple.

1) Stimulate your muscles and create an adaptive response, by training with basic compound exercises.

2) Give yourself time to recover.

3) Repeat, but this time add a bit more resistance or increase your reps.

The best way to gain muscle mass quickly is to return to the gym ready to work harder than you did the week before so that you keep getting stronger. You will not gain muscle mass quickly if you let yourself slack off and stop working towards improving your strength. This is a very simple tried and tested formula.

Think of this:

How often do you see a trainee you saw a person with skinny legs do 400 pound squats?

When was the last time you saw a person with an unimpressive back and shoulders deadlifting 500 pounds?

Do you ever observe a lifter with little or no development in his chest or triceps bench press 300 pounds?

Not very often I guess – but why is this?

Size and strength are totally related, and because of that, the bodybuilder who really is working hard to move heavier weights is usually the biggest guy in the gym (especially if he has an awesome nutrition plan).

It’s really that simple. If you are ready to thicken up your body and gain muscle mass quickly with serious, explosive results then get ready to go basic.

Yes, there are plenty of other details to implement into your plan if you want to gain muscle mass quickly but in order to build a strong foundation, you should always be striving to lift heavier weights during your workouts at the gym.

Here’s a plan of action:

Start with simple but challenging compound exercises, execute them with a high level of intensity and log what you do every week. Always put your focus on “beating the logbook” every week; this means you need to add additional weight to your workout bar or up your repetitions with every workout.

As long as you work consistently, it will take no time to gain muscle mass quickly and get the powerful and muscular body you deserve.

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