It Is A Visceral Reaction, Ripped Abs Equals Health

It happens all the time to all of us, we are sitting in some public place, usually waiting for something when our eyes are magnetically drawn to the nearby television screen. It is not likely that we really need to see a demonstration of competing paper towel products, but the sinuous model conducting the arranged experiment was worth our attention. That the ripped abs she displays are unnecessary to the product makes no difference, the need to watch is compelling.

Marketing professionals have been using well toned models to sell every manner of product nearly since the inception of television. Anyone in advertising knows half the battle is to get the consumers attention, and there may be no better way than to show some midriff skin on an attractive model. In general, we like to look at people who are visually physically fit.

This primal visceral attraction makes us vulnerable to all manner of manipulation, and those who have taken the time to such fitness to their personal portfolio benefit from it in everything they do. Between wishing we looked as good as they do and the subconscious attraction that tugs at us, we naturally see these people as special. If we could buy that kind of physique, everyone would have it and somebody would be very rich..

Though we are loath to admit it, everyone is aware that the only way to get fit is to work at it. We have heard this from our coaches, trainers and medical professionals our whole lives because it is the truth. The only way to get fit is to follow the proven nutritional advice available almost everywhere. People who are healthy and in great shape got that way following proven techniques.

Until that magical combination of herbs is discovered, we have to face the absolute truth that we heard all our lives, fitness comes from a dedicated effort to follow a proven program of steady healthy exercise. The muscular model on television did not get that way using the latest ball, hoop or jump rope, except when they are used as part of a proven technique for specific exercises. There simply is no short cut to getting fit, it takes work.

Once we have a certain grasp that we are going to have to approach fitness as a path, a journey from the way we look now to the goal we have for ourselves, we can see the starting line. Instead of launching the next in a long series of extreme diets, we need to find and follow proven nutritional advice which can be obtained from nearly every medical facility or even online.

Our newly ascribed to dedication to a regular regimen of physical exercise is a great start. Now we need to incorporate the likewise proven nutrition advice from our friendly neighborhood medical professional and we are set. Those ripped abs we are all so desirous of are there, waiting beneath the layers of our prosperous paunch to proudly surface and help us stay happy and live longer.

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