How to Get Six Pack Abs in a Month – Your Ultimate Guide

There are really no shortcuts to success. If you want something done, then you just have to plunge headlong into it and keep working on it until you get your desired results. The same is true when it comes to body sculpting, particularly to creating your own six pack abdominals. If you want to have six pack abs in a month, some of the basic groundwork you should be laying down includes: getting into top shape, cutting back on food and drinks that may have unhealthy effects on your six pack abs program, and intensifying your workouts. After all, it is very unlikely that you will gain six pack abs in a month if you are hopelessly out of shape, eating un-balanced meals, and not sticking to an escalating workout program.

In order to start with your six pack abs in a month program, you should be do regular cardiovascular workouts first. This is to help strengthen your heart muscles, and make your body more limber and accommodating to more strenuous activities. Always, always, always start with warm up exercises and end with exercises that cool the muscles off. 20 to 45 minutes of cardio should be enough to keep the muscles revved up. 30 to 45 minutes of cooling down should suffice as well, to lessen the possibility of muscles snapping from overuse. Jogging and running are two great choices for warm ups, but you can also try brisk walking too for a low impact cardio routine. Stretching exercises can be used for both warming up and cooling down exercises. Walking and breathing exercises are best for cooling down.

Begin your exercises with intensified crunches. Here, you can use an exercise or gym ball on which you can balance on. The balancing part enables the core muscles to work overtime. However, you can also perform this on a floor mat as well, which will yield good results too but not as intense as the one on the exercise ball. Try clenching your Kegel muscles all throughout the crunches so that you can feel the burn on both the pelvic floor muscles and the abdominal oblique muscles. Keep your hands under your neck for support but do not pull inwards. Hold each crunch for two to ten counts in time with an inward breath. Release the crunch and exhale. Do this for 12 to 24 reps (depending on your current state of physical fitness.) This may sound simplistic, but the more intense you perform this routine, the more assured you are of your six pack abs in a month.

However, this is only the first step. You must subscribe to other intensified exercises to get that six pack abs in a month. These workouts may come in the form of hip and leg raises, reverse (or decline crunches) and abdominal resistance training. The longer time you train, and the more intense your training program is, the faster results you will get. Make sure that you keep your diet in check as well; and if possible, ask a physical trainer to guide you all throughout the intensified exercises.

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