How to Get Six Pack Abs – 6 Reasons Your Diet Doesn’t Work

Low calorie foods aren’t primarily the most effective way to go if you desire to shake off a few excess weight or build muscle. Below are 6 major facts about your low-cal, and how it can absolutely keep you away from getting six pack abs:

1. Eating Low Calorie Meals Can Make You Lose Muscle and Reduce Your Metabolic Rate.

Sure, at the start it would seem that you’re losing excess fat really fast. After a few weeks into the regimen, however, you’ll soon realize that you’re literally losing lean muscle, too. When you want to get six pack abs, you do everything in your power to sculpt muscle, not lose any.

In addition, scientific studies show that low calorie diets contribute greatly in decreasing your metabolism. When you’re losing lean muscles, your metabolic rate decreases as well, making it even more hard for you to shake off fat.

2. Low Calorie-Low-Cal Diets Will Not Sculpt Your Physique.

As your metabolism reduces during your low-cal diet, your body won’t start defining muscles.It would appear that you’re losing stubborn belly fat, but you’re not going to get six pack abs that way, I guarentee you. You’re actually shrinking into a smaller version of you instead of becoming well-formed. When you lose muscle mass, that doesn’t leave you with much to build up, does it? Do you really think that would get you the body you’ve always wanted?

3. Your Hunger Will Finally Pull You Down.

This bit is most likely the hardest. Low-cal meals aren’t just very limiting; they also pull you back until you’re ready to seize upon the first glistening donut you see. When you’re at your weakest point, you’ll start craving for scrumptiously unhealthy food, and you damage whatever you’ve worked hard for so far. History (and your own personal experiences, no doubt) will show that these tempting fatty, sweet goods could easily win the battle. The worst portion is that no matter how difficult you’ve worked to shake off all that excess, they’re going to come back to haunt you some more.

4. You End Up Storing Fat in the Long Run Rather than Losing Them.

Bottom line is that your body knows what it needs. It doesn’t understand fad diets; it only understands how it should function as a whole. The primary function of your body is to SURVIVE. When your calorie levels drop at an alarming rate, your body intuitively hangs on to whatever fat is left, causing your fat burning enzymes to slow down and making you immune to burning any more fat.

5. Low Calorie Foods Reduces Your Energy Level.

Taking in lesser calories than your body requires also means you’re not getting proper nutrition, and that eventually cause the decrease of energy levels. That would explain why you feel more sluggish than usual. Just wonder how that will affect your workout performance – nothing short of pathetic, I bet.

When your body isn’t acquiring sufficient energy to effectively do daily work and training drills, you’re most likely preventing yourself from achieving your six pack abs dream. You won’t be able to do your exercises well nor will you be able to intensify them. Don’t think for a while that you can still get six pack abs without engaging in high-intensity routines. This shows that you won’t be able to shape muscle with just dieting alone.

6. Low Calorie Foods Will Take a Toll on the Way You Look.

Are you still convinced that a low calorie diet can be maintained for a long span of time? Even if you could, that would just be downright irresponsible. Your body can only take so much disregard. Eventually, your body is going to fall apart and you could find yourself right back where you began or worse. You can’t possibly assume to get six pack abs that way, can you?

It’s evident that a low-cal meal is definitely not the most efficient way to get six pack abs. It’s bad for your entire health, it doesn’t do anything for muscle toning, and it keeps your energy at a minimum. To get six pack abs, you have to live a healthy, well-balanced diet. Combine it with frequent workout plan and there’s really no stopping you.

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