How to Gain Muscles Fast at Home

Muscle Dream

Are you tired of being in awe of people with toned muscular bodies? Then what do you think is necessary to gain such a dream body? Maybe you are either too large or too small in terms of body mass to be called muscular. Gaining muscle is difficult at any stage in life. When you are young, you have to deal with rapid growth and work. When you are at your mid years, you get sidetracked with work and your energy gets depleted fast. At your senior years, you would not be able to carry the weights you once peaked, and that is for those who have started early, but for those who decide to start at their senior years, that is when dealing with potential life injuries come into play.

Why you need to train

You need to train your body to deal with health conditions concerning posture, but also to be able to move furniture, push the car, or even carry your partner. When you ask yourself “how to gain muscles fast?” always think that training is what you need in order to answer your question. Some people prefer experimenting workouts on how to gain muscles fast at home, this gives possibilities to each workout because there is no need to travel to and from the gym.

What you need to train at home:


Ample space is needed for each workout, you would not want to bump your head on the couch or hit your toe on the stool while working out at home. Space is important to take into consideration because of the space your equipment takes up in the area, usually a complete equipment set takes up to 30 square meters of space or more at a local gym.


Weights are needed to maximize muscle growth potential, they push the limits of your muscles by gradually increasing weight after each session. Ideally, weights would be the best option for faster growth, but if space prohibits it, then it is optional.


Mats label the area as your workout zone, preferably yoga mats are the best exercise mat due to its flexible usage. Mats allow you to do bodyweight workouts using your body as your only equipment.

Resistance Cables

This workout equipment is not really that much in need, but when you lack the necessary weights to perform certain muscle workouts resistance cables come in handy because of its mobility. No need to keep it at home, you will be able to bring it out of your bag and start training.

Workout Supplements

Workout supplements help with your muscle gaining workouts by providing ample protein for producing body mass for sculpting. This, in turn, is an alternative to excessive diets which would cause harm to your health and body.

In due time training at home with workout supplements will lead you to develop muscle, and on how to gain muscle fast, just follow regular workout routines to develop specific muscle groups to your liking. So how do you deal with insufficient nutrients to gain muscles at home or at work? Well, workout supplements might be your bet, and here at 10xgains, we offer a range of workout supplements to cater to your body’s needs. For more information about our supplements visit

Everybody wants it — greater performance, fat loss, and leaner muscle growth. But how to gain muscle fast at the optimum level? Visit our site!

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