How to Gain Muscle Fat

Every guy wants to gain muscle fat, whether he admits it or not. You may get up and actively start lifting weights at the gym to gain muscle or you may be one of those couch potatoes, staring at the TV wishing you could build muscle like one of the pros. While we can’t do anything about your couch potato habits, if you’re the first kind of guy, who likes to hit the gym to gain muscle, then we have some tips that can help you.

What Suits You

Before anything, you should get one thing straight – everyone has a different body and different genetics. This doesn’t mean you can’t gain muscle fat. This simply means people might have to work their body in different ways to gain muscle. Most people who are new to lifting have little idea of what to do and so you might end up doing what actually harms your body in the long run. Take a good look at your body and analyze your strengths and weaknesses before you get started on your mission to build muscle. If possible, consult an expert personal trainer who can help you out.

Train Hard

No matter what your body type, if there’s one rule you need to follow to gain muscle – it’s that you need to train hard. If you want to gain muscle fat you have to lift heavy weights and there is no way around that. You can’t be a wimp and say I can’t lift heavy weights. In that case, you probably won’t gain muscle fat. Put your heart and soul into it and train with dedication if you want to see results from your efforts.

Rest & Recovery

Training hard is just as important as resting and letting your muscles recover from all the activity. There are some people who always whine about lifting too much weight. Then there are some who are over eager to build muscle and want to lift weights every day. Work out only 3 to 4 times a week and let your body recover from the training on the other days. This rest is essential if you want to build muscle. Also, get adequate sleep and rest or you’ll be too tired to work out the next day.

Health & Nutrition

Eating well is an important aspect for a muscle building routine and you must follow a strict diet if you’re really serious. You need to ensure you’re eating an adequate amount of protein and cut down on the carbohydrates and the unhealthy fats. Start with an analysis of your daily calorie needs and you can then divide it into protein, carbohydrates, fats etc. Also, take a break from the strict diet about once a week too, and treat yourself. It’ll keep you motivated and help you along your process to gain muscle fat and lose the body fat.

It’s great that you want to build muscle and if you start following a regular disciplined regime with a good balance of exercise and nutrition, you will reach your goal in no time. Get started today, get the bad fat out and gain muscle fat instead!

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