How to Gain Muscle Fast

A lot of people who are unhappy with their unhealthy appearance, whether underweight or obese, have spent years going to the gym or performing different outdoor exercise routines in the hope to gain muscle mass and increase body weight.The one thing they can’t be called on is lack of determination.

It takes a lot of devotion to a goal to keep at a routine that’s not showing any visible results. So what to do? Do you still have the same burning desire for muscle gain? You may have been greatly disappointed up till now, but this article will give you basic outlines that, once followed, will show immediate results.

1. Diet: this is the one area where many weight trainers and aspiring body builders know little about and give even less importance to. The reality is, the battle for muscle building may start in the gym, but it will be won or lost at the dinner table. The workout routine you follow must be augmented by your diet.

If you’re eating like a 7 year old, don’t expect a body like a 30 year old. You’re building muscle which is the exact opposite of loosing weight. Loosing weight means you want a decrease in the body’s mass by burning excess fat storages.

Eating less calories then you’re likely to burn in a day makes sense for this objective. But when you’re aiming to grow muscle, thereby increasing body mass, why on earth would you want to eat less calories? When muscle building, you’re supposed to eat more calories than you’re likely to burn in a day-plain and simple!

Let’s discuss the essentials of your diet when your eating to burn muscle

a. Proteins: building muscles requires the building blocks of nature. You may have heard of them-amino acids. So where are they found? The best and most abundant sources of amino acids are the proteins.

Proteins that are found in red meat, white meat, eggs, beans, etc are what your body needs in abundance to grow muscle. I’m talking about a 40% protein based diet. Any less and forget about growing any muscle mass.

You can even eat extra protein; it won’t harm your body. The excess, unused amino acids just get flushed out of the body through the excretory system. Go for white meat, whole eggs, beans, etc. if you’re still feeling low on protein then try red meat too.

b. Carbohydrates: carbs have been given a very bad name by weight loss experts. You may need to cut on carbs while trying to loose weight and fight obesity, but when you workout at the gym, the fundamental source of energy your muscles rely on are the glycogen stores of your body.

If you’re low on carbs, your glycogen stores will be just as low. Go for un-refined carbs like whole grain, whole wheat, brown sugar, etc. carbs should make up about 40 % of your diet.

c. Fats: fats are just as cursed as the carbs when it comes to their image in our eyes. We associate being fat with eating a lot of fat. The truth is we are fat because we don’t burn as many calories as we east, from fat or elsewhere.

But the body needs a healthy amount of fat to function normally. The unsaturated fats found in olive oil and avocadoes are great for keeping the body healthy and nutritionally full. Fats should now be 20% of your diet.

2. Short but Intense: your workout at the gym should be 25 minutes a day, 3 days a week tops! Reason, weight training is intense, it causes tear in your muscles that then have to heal to grow stronger and in bigger mass. Doing this wearing exercise for hours and full week long, will cause muscle damage and muscle injury. You’ll be loosing muscle mass, not gaining it.

3. Rest and Sleep: these count too! Your muscles need a full days’ rest between workout days. They also need you to get at least 8-10 hours of sleep regularly. Remember that the maximum muscle growth occurs when your body sleeps.

Exercise is a part of life and needs to be a regular routine in our life. We can have a healthy body, muscle gain truth and fitness exercises to build muscle the right way.

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