How to Gain Lean Muscle Mass Fast, Muscle Gaining Secrets of the Super Ripped

The secret to gain lean muscle mass fast is what everybody wants to know. Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been “hitting the gym” for years, this secret is what most of us search for. The muscle building secrets that those super ripped people keep, those people that can gain 10 lbs of muscle in just a few weeks like it’s cake, are not as closely held as many of us think. It is really a matter of knowing how to find them. Below I reveal several secrets that will help you gain lean muscle mass fast.

Workout Intensely, But Keep It Short:

When you workout with a high intensity, and do so for your entire workout, you force your muscle to work harder. When you do this, they must rebuild even bigger so they are ready for the next workout. As long as you keep your workouts short, so you don’t over work your muscles, they will heal quickly and much much bigger.

Consume Both Protein and Carbohydrates:

Cutting carbohydrates will do you no favors when you’re trying to build muscle. In fact, it is a good idea to eat fast carbohydrates right after each workout. Your muscle need protein and carbs to heal properly after a workout. This is why it’s especially important to eat some protein and carbohydrates right after you leave the gym.

Perform Compound Exercises:

When you workout, it is best for your muscle building to do compound exercises instead of isolation exercises. This is because doing several compound exercises together will let you build total body muscle rather than just specific muscles like you do with isolation exercises.

Use Free Weights:

Using free weights gives your muscles an extra workout that many people don’t think of. They have to work harder in order to stabilize the weights during each exercise. With machines you don’t get this added benefit, and after a few workouts, you will be surprised to see the difference that stabilizing the weights can make in the way you build muscle.

Drink More Water:

You have to be hydrated if you want your muscles to get bigger. Be sure that you drink plenty of water while building muscle so that your body has the water it needs to lubricate your joints and rebuild your muscles.

You don’t have to waste money on miracle muscle pills to gain lean muscle mass fast. Just follow these easy steps and get a good plan and your time at the gym will give you much better results.

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