Get Six Pack Abs

In order to get six pack abs, you have to find various ways to obtain them. Usually, the six pack abs that you want does not immediately develop; it may take you some time before you get them in top form. Within six weeks, you will start to see some results. Generally, it also takes some self discipline for you to be successful.

According to various studies, one of the most common muscle groups that needs work out is the transversus abdominis. The transversus abdominis is also known as the corset muscle group. Just like a corset, the transversus abdominis works to provide support for the entire trunk. Aside from that, it also supports the spinal column and the muscle groups that surround it.

To get a good set of abs, you have to work out this muscle group using the drawing in maneuver. This exercise is a common example of a simple strengthening exercise. Despite its simple nature, the drawing in maneuver is one of the most difficult exercises that are not often performed in gyms and wellness clinics. However, this still proves to be worth performing for you to get six pack abs.

For beginners, the ideal position that should be assumed for this exercise is the hook lying position. This is because your bent knees can provide more stability when you perform the exercise. This, in effect, can help in making the exercise more focused towards your transversus abdominis.

Before you start performing the actual exercise — or any exercise, for that matter — you should learn the fundamentals of the proper breathing technique. This is important because an improper way of breathing can lead to activation of other muscle groups that you do not need for the exercise. To check if you are breathing correctly, look at your abdominal area. When you inhale, you should see that you abdomen is rising. Conversely, you should see it somehow deflating when you exhale.

As soon as you have mastered this, you may begin with the actual contraction of the target muscle group. The common indicator for you to know the correct movement is to use your belly button as your reference point. If you have performed the correct muscle contraction, your belly button should appear as if it were slightly elevating towards your head. At the same time, this should appear at if it is slightly moving towards the support surface. You should also take note that you should do this exercise gradually. Abrupt muscle contraction will activate the rest of the global abdominal muscles to work as well. As a result, the maneuver will be relatively useless.

When you have mastered the exercise in the hook lying position, you may incorporate gentle movements of the arms and the legs to add difficulty to the activity. Interestingly, more advanced fitness advocates have tried various positions adapted from other exercises in order to add more difficulty to the exercise. An example of a starting position that they have incorporated with the drawing in maneuver is the planking position done in yoga.

This strengthening exercise has been found to lower the instances of having low back pain. Various health experts have recently conducted a randomized controlled trial on people who are suffering from low back pain. The population was divided into two distinct groups. The control group received the type of treatment that they prefer for their low back pain. However, it was stressed out that they should not receive treatment procedures that are invasive. On the other hand, the experimental group was subjected to perform the drawing in maneuver for at least once a day. The entire population consists of people from the middle adulthood age bracket. The results were significant, as these clearly showed that there was apparent decrease in pain on the low back area, as reported by the participants in the experimental group. A follow up study was done and showed more interesting results in the experimental group: They began to get six pack abs.

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