Get Muscle Abs Fast

Did you know that anyone can achieve strong, muscle abs? You don’t have to have brilliant genes, or be naturally skinny. All you need is the correct methods of how to sculpt rock hard abs. The problem is, many guys who set out to achieve this goal are often mislead by either what friends say, or what the magazines say. In this article, I will reveal to you the top 3 myths about getting ripped abs, and how you can avoid them!

One myth is that to get muscle abs, you should be spending hours on the treadmill doing cardio work outs. Well this isn’t true! Did you know that if you want to burn fat, it’s important to try and raise your metabolism. The higher your metabolism, the more fat your body will want to burn! Now a cardio workout does have the opposite effect, and can actually lower it! What you should be doing is getting off the treadmill, and doing short, sharp workouts. The more intense and short the workout, not only will you be burning far more fat than a cardio exercise, but this will help to raise your metabolism!

Myth number 2 is that crunches and sit ups are the best exercises because they work the abs lke crazy. Well I’m going to tell you why this isn’t true. Like I have mentioned, the most effective method to get muscle abs is to lower body fat levels, and target high intense exercises. Crunches are just too small an exercise, and won’t burn no way near as much body fat as say a front squat exercise. People seem to think that by targeting a specific area, they’ll be able to burn fat in that region alone. Imagine how strange some people would look if this was true! When you exercise, you burn fat, in equal amounts, from all over your body. This is why you should do exercises that will really work out your body!

Myth number 3 is to get your body fat levels down, you need to starve yourself and barely eat anything for a few weeks. Yes because this is clever! This method is far too extreme, and there are much healthier ways of lowering your body fat levels. For instance, foods such as cakes and crisps will do nothing but hinder your efforts. Cut these types of food out of your diet, and you’ll see much quicker results than if you decide not to. Let’s face it, diet is the most important factor in achieving muscle abs. Even if you have a great work out routine, you still need to be eating right if you want to get ripped abs.

Don’t believe all the hype your read in the magazines if you want to get muscle abs. Stay away from so called magic pills and powders that supposedly burn fat. These are usually rubbish that will only burn a hole in your pocket!

Now are you really ready to take action and achieve strong muscle abs to be proud of? If so, go to where you will find lots of vital components that you won’t want to miss out on! Just think, if you take action now, you could have a six pack this time next month!

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