Building Muscle: Best Time For Hitting The Gym

When is the best time to schedule your muscle gain workouts during the day?

A lot of people say that you should workout as soon as you wake up because you’re still fresh from a long night’s rest.

Yet others say that you should schedule your workouts later in the day because your body is more awake.

Frankly, the best time for your muscle gain workouts is totally a matter of personal preference.

No two people have the same body clock.

Some people like to workout as soon as they wake up, and others like to train later in the day.

The good news is that you should schedule your workouts according to your preferences.

The fact is that by scheduling your muscle gain workouts based on your personal body clock, you stand to reap the maximum benefits.

I train at around 7 pm because I’m just not a morning person, and I find it hard to exert so much effort early in the morning.

I feel queasy when I train too early, and my strength levels are also lower in the morning.

But that’s only me.

You might like to perform your muscle gain workouts early in the morning when you are still refreshed and have had a good night’s sleep.

When you train doesn’t matter as long as you pay attention to pre- and post-workout nutrition.

This will not only make your muscle gain workouts more effective but will also allow your muscles to recover faster.

You need to provide your body with food and fluids after your muscle gain workouts, because this affects your body’s ability to recover from the stress it has been placed under as a result of the workout.

This crucial period of three to four hours is when you need to pay special attention to nutrition to maximize the process of recovery.

It’s really simple: when you perform your muscle gains workouts doesn’t matter as long as you set aside enough time afterwards for proper post-workout nutrition.

For example, if you schedule your workout too late at night, you won’t have sufficient time to eat and digest all the recommended foods before you call it a night.

This means that you need to maintain a gap between the end of your workout and when you go to bed to allow sufficient time for post-workout nutrition.

Keep in mind that you need at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night, so it’s not a good idea to workout at ten at night, no matter how strong you feel then, unless you’re at liberty to sleep in to at least ten in the morning.

Some people do their muscle gain workouts at 9 pm, head home to eat a small meal and drink some water, and then go to bed.

They’re doing the wrong thing.

To make your muscle gain workouts truly effective, you have to leave a gap of three to four after your workouts so that you can eat a proper meal, drink lots of water, and focus on proper post-workout nutrition.

When you dive into an eight hour fast soon after you workout, you’re only impeding your progress.

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By Don Demarco. Don has years of experience in body building and writes a fitness column read by thousands every week. Have you been misled by these 5 fitness myths? Find out at Men’s Workout Heaven Don’t forget to check out the FREE high quality Muscle Building Video Course. Visit Men’s Workout Videos

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