Best Abs Exercises

Are you ready to find out what exactly are the best abs exercises around today? Well by reading this article, you will be shown what really are the exercises that will give you a six pack quick, and what exercises you should avoid like the plague! Also, you will be shown the specific food you need to be consuming for maximum muscle growth, and what foods are holding back your efforts of getting lean and ripped. First of all, what are the exercises to avoid?

So what are the typical abs exercises so many people perform, but get ineffective results? Well, I’m sure you’ve heard of crunches and sit ups before. They’re a popular exercise, because people think that by targeting their abs only, they will get very strong abs quick. What you need to realise is that if you want visible abs, you have two raise your metabolism and burn belly fat! Crunches are so ineffective because they do neither of these two things. So what types of exercises do raise metabolism and burn belly fat quickly?

The best abs exercises are those that are of high intensity, and target lots of different muscle groups. Most bodybuilders like to use machines to target specific muscle groups. When you want to burn fat quickly though, you need to use free weights which will use other muscles to help stabilize yourself. So not only will your abs get stronger, but your body will become leaner all over! Your metabolism will begin to rise, and that makes it far easier to burn fat from all areas of your body!

One of my favourite abs exercises is called the renegade dumbbell row. What you need is two dumbbells, get into the press up position, with your palms resting on the dumbbells, and begin to raise one dumbbell out to the side, whilst resting on the other. This is a very effective exercise, because it targets your whole upper body, meaning more muscles are working, which means for fat burn!

Now just because you may be performing the best abs exercises, this doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get a six pack. Did you know that the single most important factor in achieving ripped abs is your diet. Even if you think you have the most effective abs workout, if you aren’t eating the right foods, you’ll only be adding to your belly fat. Foods such as crisps and biscuits contain empty calories that aren’t good for you, therefore you should cut these out of your diet. Instead, eat foods that are high in protein. Protein is essential in building muscle, so make sure you’re eating foods that are high in protein, such as chicken and fish.

Now once you have gained knowledge on the practical side of getting ripped abs, you need to have absolute dedication. If you don’t stay on track, then you won’t get a lean body and you’ll still have that layer of belly fat!

James Statham is a health and fitness enthusiast, who has been assisting guys in his local gym on how they can get lean and ripped the correct way. Now he has branched out to helping guys from all around the world reach their goals, via the internet. If you’re looking for more of the top abs exercises and routines, then you’ll want to check out these links now!

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