Ab Machines – Reassessed

Ab machines waste time. These machines will help you strengthen your abdominals, but to achieve ripped abs, ab machines are a waste of time. Increasing your overall metabolism through resistance training, controlling your diet and decreasing stress in one’s life will help you achieve your ripped abs.

There are ab machines that place our bodies in awkward positions causing potential injury, while others actually support our neck and back while doing the exercise, but since the support doesn’t allow those parts to train and get stronger while the abs are getting worked on and stronger simultaneously, there is a resulting imbalance and possible injuries.

Exercises that incorporate interval training have shown to increase the body’s metabolism. The anaerobic component of the exercises allow the body to increase its metabolic activity, which thereby increases the use of excess body fat as fuel for the body. The body also continues to burn fat well after the exercise activity has ended.

Getting ripped abs also requires us to watch what we eat. A good way to balance our diet and control the calories we eat is to avoid fast foods, fatty and processed foods and carbonated beverages.

When we eat lean proteins and complex carbohydrates instead of fatty fast foods, sodas and sweets, not only can we keep our caloric intake low, but we can also burn calories more efficiently and avoid having excess calories stored as fat especially around the stomach area.

Managing stress is another factor towards acquiring ripped abs. Stress can make the body store fat in the belly area due to Cortisol, a hormone which is produced during stressful times. Thus, controlling stress levels will prevent our body from reacting this way.

Practicing yoga, deep breathing, tai chi and meditation can help manage stress and effectively decrease the storage of body fat in the abdominal area.

The reassessment of ab machines indicate clearly that they are not effective and can even be harmful. To get six pack abs, we need to discipline ourselves to exercise regularly and to practice healthy eating habits.

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