Ab Machines Don’t Result in Sexy Ripped Abs

It’s everyone’s dream to have flat sexy abs but everyone thinks it’s nearly impossible because they’ve tried time and again with no real results. Well, it’s not really impossible but it can be difficult; very few people have flat, well defined abs. If you were to complete a census of people who have sexy abs, you’ll find that it’s really only about 20% of people have sexy abs because, it’s true, it can sometimes be difficult to achieve. But if you know the right methods to follow, you’ll be able to get this great physique too!

Like I said, it can be difficult but that doesn’t mean that it always is difficult. Most people will complain about it and say that it’s impossible because they are, in some way, unwilling to learn the best methods and follow through. There definitely are easy and effective ways to get toned abs but the key is to stick to them and don’t falter. Like anything else in life, once you know how, getting to your goal will be that much easier.

The most important thing to getting those flat sexy abs is realizing that fat is a huge part of your quest. By fat, we’re talking about body fat, specifically in the belly area. Really, the only people who can truly say they have no belly fat whatsoever are those who already have these sexy flat abs. They’ve lost the belly fat and now can flaunt their hard work day in and day out. Those ab exercises that people keep promoting, well, they work to a certain degree but they’re useless if you have body fat.

What you need to focus on first is your diet. Yes, your diet. That has the largest influence on your body fat, hands down, no question about it. If you’re someone who eats whatever they want, whenever they want in whatever quantities they want, then, to be brutally honest to you, this will not be easy. But if you’re willing to sacrifice some of those “comfort foods” (which aren’t even that good for you to begin with), then you are well on your way to overcoming the first challenge in your quest for sexy flat abs!

Now, what I mean by your diet, you should be avoiding processed foods, fried foods, sodas, sports drinks and anything else that can be considered junk food. Yes, even sports drinks. Instead, focus on wholesome organic fresh fruits, vegetables and high quality meats. So if you want sexy flat abs, make the choice to nurture your body with healthy foods.

After you’ve got your diet in check, the next step is working out. This does not include those silly ab machines or countless ab exercises. They don’t work to give you flat sexy abs right now. What you’ll want to be doing is lots of cardio, one of the best fat burning methods out there, and plenty of all-body strength training, or weight training. You’re using cardio to burn the fat and the weight training to make sure all your muscles are looking awesome and defined! I stress all-body weight exercises because, to be honest, you don’t want to be looking disproportionate. Trust me, it’s odd.

In any case, like I said and like my points show, the truth to sexy flat abs is out there. Actually, it’s right here. All you have to do is use these methods and follow through. Pretty soon, you too will have sexy flat abs that you can flaunt day in and day out!

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