7 Ultimate Principals to Fast Muscle Gain

This is something you have to consider if you desire fast muscle gains. World’s leading sports scientists in their extensive guide on programming for resistance training give us very potent hints and guidelines. I just got excited to learn all about this work because I realized that my everyday muscle building routines are around 95% in harmony with it.

Appointed by the American College of Sports Medicine, these expert’s recommendations for the best way of building muscle mass and strength include:

1)Large muscle groups, (legs, chest and back) you should hit before small muscle groups, such as triceps and biceps. This principal is often neglected in many muscle building routines but is is essential for getting fast resuts.

2)Multiple-joint exercises, (barbell squats and dead lifts) are best to do before single-joint exercises, such as leg extensions and curls. In this way you get maximum from your workouts due to specific nature of our muscular system.

3)Massive and progressive overload is the key factor to muscle growth! Load to your muscles should be constantly increased in order to produce best a growth / adaptation response. I repeat: massive and progressive. Without proper implementation of those two elements you are slowing down your progress and muscle growth.

4)As soon you pass the novice stage, most effective thing you can do in order to pack new muscle mass is to jump to advanced training program. (most impersive results are showen by programs which cover 18-30 weeks).

5)Take care about the resting periods. Use at least three-minute rest periods between your sets. Make sure your training volume is not to long. Best result are shown by thouse who keep their training sessions lenght in between 45 minutes to maximum 1 hour. It is important to keep intesity high but not too long in order to avoid over training. Experienced lifters should have 4-5 sessions per week and novice trainers should not go over training 2-3 sessions a week.

6)Train each muscle group once a week, twice a week is the maximum (attention: you are already doing this if you incorporate a shoulder workout into your program).

7)Chronic muscle damage (soreness) is not a prerequisite of muscle growth-muscle growth still occurs without severe muscle damage. Proper muscle growth principals and nutrition are causing that you do not feel much pain because of fast recovery efficiency they provide.

These recommendations are most effective way to build muscle mass and strength. I know it since I have seen them in practice since they are virtually identical to training philosophy I follow already few years now . It is nice and helpful to know about these scientific conclusions but results you get when you implement them feel much better!

Sasha James
You can download Free Insane Gain e-Book and Videos that will boost your advancement. You can contact me with any questions you may have, I will be more than happy to help you get near to your muscle building goals fast.

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