4 Smart Tips to Get Six Pack Abs

Do you wish to get six pack abs similar to your favorite Hollywood stars? Do you want to shed those excess pounds, reduce that bulging belly and achieve the body you’ve dreamt of? These easy, affordable and effective tips will help you achieve your dream.

Break the myths.

Before you start your quest to the perfectly sculpted abs, you need to unlearn the myths you’ve gotten from media, infomercials and word-of-mouth. First, there is no diet pill that can give you the perfect belly. The posters and the photos that they use to advertise can be misleading. Diet pills can possibly help you lose weight, but they won’t sculpt your abs for you.

In fact, it is better not to depend on diet pills or any artificial-medical products if you want the perfect abdomen. They will not boost your metabolism and will not build a habit of proper exercise and diet. Once you stop on taking the pills, your fats may start accumulating again.

Perform cardiovascular exercises

Your goal is to naturally reduce your body fat mass. For males, the target fat percentage of the body is 8 percent and 13 percent for women. So, you might be asking, why leave some fat behind? Fats are also needed by the body to function correctly. Fats serve as energy reservoirs that the body can tap for emergency functions. So, it is dangerous to go lower than the target fat percentages.

The best way to reduce body fat is by performing natural cardiovascular exercises. You do not need to go to gyms. Jogging, hiking, running and cycling will do. Don’t force yourself during your first few days of cardio workout. Pace yourself properly and gradually increase the duration of your training.

Eat a well-balanced diet and focus on protein intake

This may sound a bit ironic but you need to eat your way to get six pack abs. Your body needs some mass to be trimmed and sculpted for you to get a good figure. Therefore, skipping meals is not advisable to shed off those excess pounds. However, you need to do away from your unhealthy, fatty diet. Cut down on sweets, deep-fried foods and pastries that is loaded with shortening.

You need to increase your protein intake because this nutrient is responsible for the growth and regeneration of muscle tissues. Increase your intake of lean meat, fish, eggs and poultry. Dairy products are also rich with protein. However, choose non-fat varieties of these foods. Also increase your intake of legumes, seeds, beans and nuts.

Perform exercises that target the abs

Now that you have removed excess fats and have built up enough muscle mass, it is time to shape them. You can get six pack abs by performing crunches, bicycles and hanging leg raises. Again, do not overexert yourself. Do not exceed 40 minutes of training per day. It is important to keep your training sessions brief but consistently on-schedule. Results may start to show within the first 8 weeks of training.

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