4 Muscle Building Tips – Coordinating Diet And Workout

It almost goes without saying, but the diet of a body builder is one of the last things most like to consider. Without a proper diet, all the exercise in the gym is for nothing. Max out your gains by with these four muscle building tips, and you’ll be eating smarter as you train harder.

1. Eat More Calories Most body builders eat more protein, it’s obvious, but most don’t realize they need more calories. Otherwise, the body won’t be building muscle to its max potential. Depending on how good a shape you’re in, multiply your weight by 10 – that’s how much more calories you need to eat.

2. Eat More Times Focusing on eating only 3 times a day is a horrid habit that does nothing to build muscle properly. To really get the full potential of all your efforts, break your meals down into smaller meals more often. Get 6 meals to increase your insulin levels – this really packs muscle. Insulin acts as a nutrient partitioner, and will make sure the muscles get what they need to build more mass and recover quicker.

3. Eat Before You Train The pre-workout meal should consist of slow-burning, complex carbohydrates such as rice or pasta. This will take time to be digested and maintain an even blood sugar level throughout your regimen. The benefit: a more intense workout is possible.

4. Eat After You Train The post-workout meal needs to be high in simple (fast-burning) sugars as well as protein. The protein shake is ideal for this, and make sure it comes with sugar of some sort to spike your insulin levels. Insulin = muscle gain.

Working with your body’s metabolism is really the key to these muscle building tips. You want to be in a state of muscle-building, so follow these tips and you’ll kick it up a notch.

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