3 Tips For Effective Muscle Building

Building muscle isn’t easy if you don’t have an effective plan – but the truth is, many people are in the same boat.

Firstly, despite the claims made in countless fitness and bodybuilding magazines, it’s unlikely you’ll gain anything near 20 lbs of muscle a month (naturally, anyway) – so being realistic with your goals is very important. There’s no denying that successful muscle growth requires determination, consistency and patience.

Despite this, you can always improve your results by following the most proven, scientific training principles. Unfortunately, many guys spend plenty of time in the gym, but due to misinformation, they’re often training in ways that aren’t optimal for mass gains. Simply put, the mistakes they’re making are costing them gains. So to make sure you don’t fall into the same trap, here’s 3 important tips to follow for getting the best ‘bang for your buck’ in the gym.

Tip 1 – Progressive Overload

If you’re not following the law of progressive overload, then you’re almost certainly not making the gains you could be making. Simply put, progressive overload means increasing the weight or rep count of your lifts each week. Of course, you may not be able to make huge increases of strength in a short period of time (especially if you’re already achieved the bulk of your ‘beginner gains’), but you should be striving to add more weight or more reps whenever possible.

You see, if you aren’t placing extra stress on your muscles each week by following the law of progressive overload, then you aren’t going to be stressing your muscle fibers enough to cause ‘overcompensatory’ growth. It’s important to understand that muscle growth works as a defense mechanism to prevent your muscles from taking further damage in the future. When you neglect to push yourself to your limits, you won’t be triggering the kind of stimulus needed to make your muscles grow stronger and larger.

Tip 2 – Protein Intake

Even if you were to train with full intensity and never miss a workout, you’re never going to reach your full potential if you’re nutrition is poor. The most important aspect of bodybuilding nutrition is to ensure your protein intake is high enough.

Most people agree that it’s wise to consume 1g or protein for every 1lb you weigh. For example, a guy who weighs 190lb should aim to consume 190lb of protein daily. It’s best to think of this as a ‘general’ rule and not be too dogmatic, but just remember that if your protein drops too low over a consistent period of time, then you won’t have the necessary ‘fuel’ to supply your muscle with the nutrients it needs to create new growth.

Tip 3 – Creatine

While you don’t need any fancy or expensive supplements to gain muscle, one of the few legal, natural substances that can increase your gains is creatine.

Numerous scientific studies have been performed in regards to creatine – and virtually every single one determines that it’s a very effective supplement to take if you want to build muscle.

If there was only one supplement you could take when it comes to building muscle, then creatine is the obvious choice. Fortunately, it’s also very affordable. You only need the basic ‘creatine monohydrate’ to see excellent results, so you really don’t have to buy any complex ‘blends’ and formulas with a host of additional, unnecessary ingredients.


In truth, the process of building muscle is actually quite straightforward. However, there are certain rules that are worth following to make sure you’re getting the best results in exchange for the time you invest, and once you understand these rules you’ll quickly become light years ahead of the average gym-goer.

When you follow the advice you’ve learned in this guide, you’ll already start to see more progress than you might have experienced so far. And once you see the look on the faces of all your friends, you’ll realize that making this goal a reality was totally worth it..

Building muscle doesn’t have to be complicated. Take a look at Muscle Building Answers for more simple, no bs advice on building a physique that everyone envies.

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